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Our experienced translators help you in getting the right translation and interpretation. Ruby Legal Translation Services has a new fleet of vehicles, get your translated documents delivery at your doorstep. Ruby Legal Translation Services is known for providing professional translation services at the most affordable prices.

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Our sales representatives promptly send "Free Quotes" to clients. Upon confirmation, our skilled translators and interpreters begin work. They ensure flawless translations with professionalism. Certified experts meticulously review quality. Our 24/7 transportation system prioritizes urgent client needs, supported by dedicated delivery professionals.

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We provide best quality languages translation services in Dubai

We provide translation services for a wide range of languages, including Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and many more. Our team is equipped to handle diverse language pairs to meet our clients' needs.

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    Our translation services cover a variety of document types, including legal documents, technical manuals, business contracts, medical records, academic transcripts, and more. Whether it's a legal agreement or a marketing brochure, we ensure accurate and culturally appropriate translations.

  • Our team comprises experienced linguists and subject matter experts who are proficient in their respective fields. We prioritize accuracy, confidentiality, and timely delivery in all our translations. Additionally, we offer competitive rates and personalized customer service to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • We prioritize the confidentiality of our clients' documents through strict privacy protocols and secure data handling practices. Our translators sign non-disclosure agreements, and our systems are equipped with encryption and access controls. Rest assured, your sensitive information is safe with us throughout the translation process.


RLTS always ensure that all its translation services are carried out by Professional and Qualified Arabic Translators in Dubai

We provide Certified translations for the following: · Marriage certificate, divorce certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, Academic degrees etc.

Translation Services 100%
Subtitling Services 90%
Transcription Services 95%
Proofreading Services 100%


Elevate your global communication with our top-tier translation services in Dubai. Experience impeccable quality and seamless linguistic solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to get started.

Translation Services

Ruby Legal Translation is a professional translation service provider company that can assist you for any type of content to be translated in more than 120 languages.

Subtitling Services

Ruby Legal Translation offers excellent subtitling services for movies, television programs, presentations, documentaries, health care, ..

Transcription Services

RLTS consists of audio and video transcribers who are well experienced to convert your audio, video, CDs, DVDs and other digital format files in written ..

Proofreading Services

Proofreading plays a vital part in making the content error free and more attractive. You shouldn’t worry now at all as RLTS has a strong team of proofreaders and editors to get your assignments .

Legal Translation

Accredited translations for legal documents, ensuring precision and compliance, conveniently located in Dubai.

Business Translation

Professional translations for corporate materials, facilitating global communication, from our Dubai headquarters.

Medical Translation

Expert translations for medical documents, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality, conveniently available in Dubai.

Technical Translation

Precise translations for technical content, maintaining clarity and specificity, from our Dubai office.

Other Major Translation Services

RLTS offering legal, financial, medical, technical, and marketing content translation in more than 120 languages.

Financial Translation

Accurate translations for financial documents, ensuring compliance and confidentiality, tailored for Dubai enterprises.

Website Translation

Comprehensive translations for websites, enhancing accessibility and engagement, tailored for Dubai businesses.

Marketing Translation

Creative translations for marketing content, capturing brand essence and engaging Dubai audiences effectively.

Academic Translation

Specialized translations for academic documents, ensuring clarity and accuracy, accessible from Dubai.

Immigration Translation

Certified translations for immigration documents, meeting legal requirements, processed locally in Dubai.

Government Translation

Official translations for government documents, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality, provided in Dubai.

Localization Services

Cultural adaptation of content for global audiences, ensuring relevance and resonance, provided in Dubai.

Transcription Services

Accurate transcription services, ensuring clarity and reliability, conveniently accessible in Dubai and beyond.

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